Simply happy

Hi there! I’m Maja Rönnbäck, a pattern designer and illustrator, based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a deep love for simplicity and believe that it’s the simplest things that brings the most beauty and joy, both in life and in art. I create playful and vibrant prints and patterns with a modern Scandinavian vibe, that I license to clients worldwide.

If you are an art buyer, art director or have an idea for a collaboration, feel free to get in touch!

For my fellow designers I’ve started to teach online classes on Skillshare and together with my fiancé I sell high quality design assets in our online shop Faber Co, to use in your artwork.






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Learn pattern design with me online at Skillshare! Click on the button below to get 2 months of free premium membership on Skillshare and enroll in my classes.



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