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As a self-taught designer I know how much love and effort it takes to learn new skills on your own. In my Skillshare classes I share what I’ve learned so far, as well as new skills and tips and tricks that I pick up along the way, as I continue to build up my creative business.

I’m a bit of a technical nerd and I love to create easy to follow steps to make the complicated understandable, achievable and to feel simpler.

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Mastering Colors in Pattern Design: Discover Your Color Style

Colors are so important for the overall look of your designs and a color palette can really make or brake a pattern. In this class I will teach you the way I work with colors. You will learn the techniques that I use to develop my own color style and how you can use the same techniques to develop yours. I will show you how I work with color palettes and different colorways of patterns and I will even take you through my process of making a second colorway of a whole collection. We will talk about how and where to gather color inspiration and how to work with different color modes, such as CMYK, RGB and PANTONE when designing patterns.

Thanks Maja, I love your style of teaching and have found your classes to be the most helpful as I begin my journey into surface pattern design. Developing an attractive and engaging colour palette has alway seemed like a daunting challenge but your video has given some great insight in how to approach this. I also really appreciate that you continue to share your workflow, especially using the iPad Pro and Adobe Draw to begin a concept then moving into illustrator. This is a method I also use but do not see too many teachers discuss or show this in detail with surface pattern design.
— Pamela Haining


Make your own handmade notebook | with your design on the cover

Learn how to quickly create your own handmade notebooks in this fun and simple class. You will learn how to prepare and print your design for the cover, staple bind the book and make a pretty little belly band - to hold two notebooks together as a nice little package. These notebooks makes perfect home made gifts, but you could also make them as products to sell.

Love the teaching style so much! Thank you so much for such a lovely class! Can’t wait to make my own handmade notebooks
— San C

Pattern design: From sketch to repeat pattern | Using Adobe Draw & Adobe Illustrator

A comprehensive guide on how to make a repeat pattern using Adobe Draw and Adobe Illustrator. I will show you my workflow and the techniques that I use and have developed. You will learn all of the basics including inspiration and ideas, sketching techniques, how to use Adobe Draw to vectorise your sketch and finally how to make the repeat in Adobe Illustrator. 

Fantastic class that takes you through the entire pattern making process from a Scandinavian point of view. Maja is a great teacher and her techniques will help propel you forward through the creative and technical process!
— Marina Matheson

Illustrate & animate a Christmas snow globe | with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

In this class you'll learn how to create a fun and simple Christmas snow globe animation. We will use Adobe Illustrator to illustrate and Adobe Photoshop to animate. I will share my tips on how to make an animation without the need to redraw every frame and will teach you a few easy to follow steps which will take you from no globe to snow globe, in no time. 

What a fun class and project! Maja does a great job of explaining this process and makes it look easy.
— Chris V

Showcase your artwork - Make your own mockups | In Adobe Photoshop

Mockups are a great tool to showcase your artwork. In this class you will learn how to create professional looking reusable mockups, using free stock photos in Adobe Photoshop. I will teach you different techniques to make your mockups look as realistic as possible, so that you in the end of the class will be able to make your own high quality mockups. 

Fabulous class! Maja explained everything very clearly and shared so many great tips for creating beautiful realistic mockups. Highly recommend!! :)
— Sophia Van Hees