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As a self-taught designer I know how much effort it takes to learn new skills on your own. In my Skillshare classes I share what I’ve learned so far, as well as new skills and tips & tricks that I pick up along the way, as I continue to build up my creative business.

I’m a bit of a technical nerd and I love to create easy to follow steps to make the complicated understandable, achievable and to feel simpler.

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Design a Pattern Collection: Streamline Your Workflow Using Adobe Draw and Illustrator

Mastering Colors in Pattern Design: Discover Your Color Style

Showcase your artwork - Make your own mockups | In Adobe Photoshop

Pattern design: From sketch to repeat pattern | Using Adobe Draw & Adobe Illustrator

Make your own handmade notebook | with your design on the cover

Illustrate & animate a Christmas snow globe | with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop


Reviews from students

Maja is a great teacher, very professional and fun! I love the simplicity of her style and work flow. Thanks so much!
— Rose Herczeg
Fantastic class that takes you through the entire pattern making process from a Scandinavian point of view. Maja is a great teacher and her techniques will help propel you forward through the creative and technical process!
— Marina Matheson
Thanks Maja, I love your style of teaching and have found your classes to be the most helpful as I begin my journey into surface pattern design. Developing an attractive and engaging colour palette has alway seemed like a daunting challenge but your video has given some great insight in how to approach this. I also really appreciate that you continue to share your workflow, especially using the iPad Pro and Adobe Draw to begin a concept then moving into illustrator. This is a method I also use but do not see too many teachers discuss or show this in detail with surface pattern design.
— Pamela Haining
Love the teaching style so much! Thank you so much for such a lovely class! Can’t wait to make my own handmade notebooks
— San C
What a fun class and project! Maja does a great job of explaining this process and makes it look easy.
— Chris V
Fabulous class! Maja explained everything very clearly and shared so many great tips for creating beautiful realistic mockups. Highly recommend!! :)
— Sophia Van Hees