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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog and my new website! I always share my latest news on my Instagram profile, but this is a place where you will find a little bit more content about my new releases, my creative process and things that concern my business and my creative life.

At the moment I’m busy working on my first ever Skillshare class. I’m so excited about the release! I love to share my knowledge and what I’ve learned along the way. Did you know that I have worked with teaching a whole lot before?! It feels really distant as it was a couple of years ago, but I used to work as an able bodied seaman and as a sailing instructor. Sailing the seven seas - or not actually all of the seven, but I’ve crossed the Atlantic ocean four times and the Indian Ocean once and I’ve sailed to over 50 countries in the world. I’ve actually sailed to all of the continents in the world except Antarctica.

My Skillshare class will not be about sailing though, it will be all about my way of creating patterns, including all of the basics and my techniques to make the creative process as fun as possible. I will share my tips on how to not get stuck while you create and my way of releasing the high pressure that we sometimes put on ourselfs as creatives. I’m super excited to show you and I hope that you will enjoy it. So stay tuned!