New course on Skillshare: Showcase your artwork - Make your own mockups


Today I’ve released my second class on Skillshare. This one is all about mockups! if you are an illustrator or pattern designer feel free to have a look at my new class. It's filled with tips, tricks and techniques on how to make your own mockups from free stock photos. And if you're not sure what mockups are and why you should use them - no worries I will go through everything you need to know about mockups in this class!

Mockups are a great tool to showcase your artwork. In this class you will learn how to create professional looking reusable mockups, using free stock photos in Adobe Photoshop. Maja will teach you different techniques to make your mockups look as realistic as possible, so that you in the end of the class will be able to make your own high quality mockups using any photo with the right basic conditions. 

The class is built up so that the techniques gets more advanced for each lesson and each technique is presented in easy to follow steps. 

You can use mockups on your website, in your look book, in social media AND mockups are a great way to make future clients visualize how your artwork would look on their products – which in the long run can be a deal breaker if you are trying to sell your artwork to clients.

Click on this link to get 2 months of free premium membership on Skillshare, if you aren’t a member already, and watch my class.

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