Hi there!

I’m Maja Rönnbäck, a Swedish pattern designer, based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a deep love for simplicity and believe that it’s the simplest things that brings the most beauty and joy, both in life and in art. My style is playful and vibrant with a modern Scandinavian vibe and I license my artwork to clients worldwide.

I found my passion in making patterns a few years ago and set up a goal to one day start my own business as a surface pattern designer. After years of learning, practicing and building a strong portfolio I finally did it. In September 2018 I started my creative business and so far you can find my designs on fabrics, wallpaper, wall art, tech cases and soon also on stationery products.

If you are an art buyer, art director or have an idea for a collaboration, feel free to get in touch! My artwork is available to buy or license and I welcome commissions, collaborations and freelance work.

As a self-taught designer I know how much love and effort it takes to learn new skills on your own and how overwhelmed you can feel along the way. To share what I’ve learned so far, as well as the new skills and tips and tricks that I pick up along the way, I’ve started to teach online classes on Skillshare. I’m a bit of a technical nerd and I love to create easy to follow steps in my classes from skills that might seem complicated to learn at a first glance. My goal is to make the complicated understandable, achievable and to feel simpler.

Be sure to also check out Faber Co. - me and my fiancés newly started adventure. We have opened a webshop where we sell design assets to creatives all over the world. With Faber Co. we combine our technical skills with our knowledge and experience in design and art to create carefully selected, high quality design assets to use in your artwork.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in working together! I would love to hear from you!